Third Day Of Faults For The Dreamliner

The 787 Dreamliner is being dogged with problems after its third fault was reported in as many days.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) yesterday cancelled a 787 flight from Yamaguchi, Tokyo, after registering an error message in the aircraft’s braking system.

On Tuesday, Japan Airlines (JAL) cancelled a flight to Boston following a fuel leak and on Monday the airline suffered another incident when a fire broke out on a 787, which had landed at Boston Logan International airport.

With all the new technology that’s packed into the Dreamliner, it’s not surprising that early operators are noticing some glitches. In fact, it may be inevitable. But it will still have an effect on the image of the 787 and on Boeing in general.

Akbar al-Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways, which posted the largest order for the aircraft, was quick to jump to the 787’s defence – no doubt to curb the concern of investors and passengers. “Of course there will be teething problems from time to time, but this is foreseen with any new aircraft programme,” he stated.

Yet it’s doubtful that Boeing foresaw three issues falling back to back. It seems this week the Dreamliner is more like a nightmare.

Mary-Anne Baldwin, Editor, Airline Fleet Management
[email protected]

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