What will be the MRJ effect?

On Saturday (October 18), Japanese ministers joined airline executives and representatives from across Japan’s aerospace supply chain to witness the public unveiling of Mitsubishi Aircraft’s all new regional jet, the MRJ. The MRJ is the Japanese aerospace sector’s second attempt to break into the airframe market after the 64-seat YS-11 turboprop failed to set the world alight in the 1960s, securing less than 190 orders. The all-new aircraft will be available in 70 and 90-seat options, have a range of up to 3,380km (1,820nm) and will be powered by Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan (GTF) engines (PW1200G). According to Mitsubishi Aircraft, the GTF provides the MRJ with a 20 per cent reduction in fuel consumption over current regional jets, resulting in lower operating costs.

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