Airberlin Becomes First In Salzburg To Use RNP-AR

Airberlin is now the first German airline in Salzburg to use satellite-based precision approaches with its Boeing fleet in accordance with the Required Navigation Performance - Authorisation Required (RNP-AR) procedure. Airberlin has been using the RNP-AR procedure for approaches and take-offs in Innsbruck since January 2012, enabling “precise and safe” course guidance during approaches in mountain valleys and during take-offs and landings in poor weather conditions. According to Marc Altenscheidt, Airberlin captain and manager of its Boeing fleet, the RNP procedure allows for “take off even in fog and with visibility up to 300 metres”. In addition, the RNP procedure allows for turns to be made in the final approach as the flight path does not have to be linear in. The procedure has potential to reduce noise and increase environmental efficiency.

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