Heathrow Reveals Plans For Third Runway

London’s Heathrow Airport has submitted three expansion proposals, each of which it says would be cheaper, quicker and less disruptive than building a new hub airport. In its report to the Airports Commission, Heathrow proposes adding a third runway in the north, north-west or south-west. Each of the three options would raise capacity from 480,000 to 740,000 flights a year, equating to 130 million passengers. It would complete its expansion between 2025 and 2029 at a cost of £14bn-£18bn. This compares to Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s plan to build a new airport on the Thames Estuary, which could cost £65bn, including a new train line transporting passengers from London Waterloo. Johnson supports plans to close Heathrow, moving all operations to the Thames Estuary and using the existing hub to provide space for homes and businesses.

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