IATA Forms Lost Baggage Partnership

IATA will partner with the lost property recovery service, HomingPIN, in a bid to slash the millions of pounds lost each year due to mislaid baggage. HomingPIN uses secure luggage tags, which have a unique code linked to the owner’s contact details. Andrew Hopwood, MD at HomingPIN, explained: "Without any information to identify a bag's owner, it can take up to six days for airlines to return luggage as they need to match a mislaid bag report with the bag's description, such as size and colour. This delay is one of the largest sources of airline complaints, often resulting in compensation." According to SITA's Baggage Report 2013, mislaid baggage cost the industry $2.09bn last year. SITA has integrated the system into WorldTracer product, operated by 2,200 airports globally. "By using HomingPIN, travellers will get their luggage back far more quickly, saving considerable time and hassle, as well as cost to the airline," said Hopwood.

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