Red Wings And EasySky Accidents

A number of aircraft incidents occurred during the Christmas period, including the crash landing of a Tupolev 204-100V on December 29, 2012, which involved four fatalities. According to Aviation Safety Network, the Red Wings Airlines Tupolev carrying eight crew was written off at Moskva-Vnukovo Airport (VKO), Russia. The captain, co-pilot, flight engineer and one flight attendant were killed; the remaining four personnel sustained serious injuries. The aircraft had departed Pardubice Airport (PED), Czech Republic, and overran the runway at VKO, colliding with a highway embankment and breaking into three sections. It had been snowing prior to the accident and there was a cross wind with gusts of up to 29 knots. Meanwhile, on December 31, 2012, a Jetstream 31 operated by EasySky sustained substantial damage at San Pedro Sula Airport (SAP) in Honduras after veering off the runway and ending up in a ditch. There were no fatalities among the 19 occupants, although a pilot suffered minor injuries.

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