Aerticket Buys Airtrade

Aerticket, the largest independent airline ticket wholesaler in Germany, has bought an 85 per cent stake in Airtrade, which distributes airline tickets for travel agents, tour operators and online travel agents (OTAs) in the Netherlands. "We are very pleased about the joint-venture with BCD [parent of Airtrade], as it provides us with the opportunity to integrate our existing business with that of Airtrade in Europe, particularly in Spain and Poland, as well as in the US market. Simultaneously the take-over provides a solid basis for the build-up and growth of a 'global consolidator network'," said Rainer Klee, Aerticket’s CEO. "Airtrade will continue to offer consolidation services to travel agents, but the company will also act as a travel technology and fulfillment provider for airlines, OTAs and tour operators," explained Wim Butte, CEO and founder of Airtrade, who will continue to lead the company and the newly created international group.

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