AFI KLM E&M Components China Granted EASA Certification

AFI KLM E&M Components China has obtained EASA Part-145 approval.

<p>AFI KLM E&amp;M Components China has obtained EASA Part-145 approval.<p>The subsidiary which was established in Shanghai in 2013 to repair avionics components already holds CAAC certification.<p>“This is a very important certification for us" remarked Vincent D’Andréa, SVP components product at AFI KLM E&amp;M, "especially in view of the strict requirements of Chinese airlines that contract work only to shops with CAAC, EASA and/or FAA certification. The approval will be a genuine asset in upcoming tender processes in the quest for increased market share”.<p>The facility currently has capabilities for A320, A330, 737 and 757 aircraft.</p>

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