Aftermarket Shift Of Balance

MRO Europe Conference addresses shift of balance between OEMs, airlines and MROs.

Several MRO Europe Conference speakers and conversations on the sidelines discussed how next-gen aircraft and engines will affect the aftermarket—especially how they change the balance between OEMs, airlines and maintenance providers.

Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil, who presented the keynote speech today, enthusiastically said he appreciates OEMs—and know the industry can’t function without them—but worries that they will monopolize the aftermarket. “We need balance,” and “we need MRO centers,” he said.

He also predicted PMAs, an essential alternative to OEM parts, could grow from 2% of the parts market to 15%--if FAA and EASA were better coordinated in their certification efforts.

This shift of balance between OEMs, airlines and maintenance centers is quite dynamic. In several cases, the same companies can be competitors and partners, depending on the program. These are interesting times.

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