Air Europa Chose New Lighting For Retrofitting Its Fleet Of 737-800s

Air Europa selected STG Aerospace’s liTeMood for retrofitting its fleet for 737-800 aircraft.

Air Europa chose STG Aerospace’s liTeMood for retrofitting its fleet for 737-800 aircraft. 

The programmable, aftermarket LED cabin-lighting system is designed to create an improved quality and consistency of light than traditional lighting systems. The liTEMood is controlled through the existing flight-attendant panel and consumes up to 70% less power than typical florescent lighting.

Installation of Air Europa’s liTeMood systems took place in October and November. Though this is the first time the airline installed STG Aerospace's LED lighting, many of its aircraft are fitted with STG Aerospaces’ saf-Tglo photoluminescent emergency floor path marking and saf-Tsign signage product.

Air Europa operates scheduled services to destinations across Europe as well as long-haul flights to North and South America. 

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