Aircraft Interior Innovations For Airlines

Here is a guide to aircraft interior products such as inflight entertainment, aircraft chairs, chair components, galleys, galley inserts, lighting, flooring, lavatories and interior maintenance services.

Here is a guide to aircraft interior products such as inflight entertainment, aircraft chairs, chair components, galleys, galley inserts, lighting, flooring, lavatories and interior maintenance services.



Seat-Centric Design
Company: Rockwell Collins
Product: Paves On-Demand IFE

Rockwell Collins created the first seat-centric solution to achieve OEM “technical offerability” status for single-aisle aircraft with its Paves On-Demand inflight entertainment system (IFE). Now compliant with all line-fit requirements for Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families, the system simplifies removal and replacement of in-seat displays by having quick-release mechanisms installed in the products. This seat-centric design ensures easy and fast maintenance.
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Thin, Light and Bright
Company: Aircraft Cabin Systems
Product: LCD Monitors

Aircraft Cabin Systems offers a large range of liquid-crystal display (LCD} monitors available in three different series. Customers can choose among HD ethernet/hdmi/3G SDI (1,080 pixels), HD and the standard screen series. The company’s latest display uses light-emitting diode (LED) backlighted LCD monitors that are up to 30% thinner and 20% lighter than traditional models, and offer true HD (1,080 pixels). Aircraft Cabin Systems’ retractable monitors are available in 9.7-in. LCD (with a 4:3 aspect ratio) or 12.1-in. LCD (with 16:9 aspect ratio) and have five-year warranties with a guaranteed 50,000 operational cycles.
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Handheld Entertainment
Company: Digecor
Product: The Digeplayer L10

With long battery life, a large touch screen and customizable options to brand the interface, the Digeplayer L10 handheld IFE device from Digecor is a 10.1-in. screen designed for IFE systems. Featuring a credit-card reader, integrated stand and a hard drive for up to 120 GB, the Digeplayer can support 10 hr. of continuous video playback.
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Family Plan
Company: Lufthansa Technik
Product: Chairs

Lufthansa Technik announced its new chair products for VIP and business jet aircraft. This chair family includes basic working models and lounge and dining chairs—as well as ones that convert to flat sleeping beds. These concepts allow designers to easily customize the seats to interior requirements. This new approach to chairs offers designers possibilities to select chair configurations for every cabin floor plan. The family concept offers several thousand configuration possibilities that are all based on a seat frame developed to fit the human body and an extremely thin load-bearing primary structure. The chair family comes with customized upholstery thicknesses, back rests in different heights and ergonomic functions such as leg and arm rests.
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Aircraft Chair for Economy Class
Company: Expliseat
Product: Titanium Seat

Expliseat’s Titanium Seat is an economy-class model weighing 4 kg (8.8 lb.) per passenger. Developed for the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families, the seat uses patented technology to decrease weight by two or three times that of standard seats. Tailored for short- and medium-haul flights, the 2-in. thickness of the Titanium Seat provides additional legroom at knee level over a standard economy seat. The slimmer dimensions could provide space for one or two rows per aircraft, depending on cabin configuration.
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Italian Style
Company: Aeristo
Product: Leather

Aeristo features aircraft leathers with choices of 180 colors in select patterns. The newest offering is the bovine collection, Belvediar, which uses Italian leather formulated and finished to comply with aviation specifications. Aeristo offers quick-ship supply and custom capabilities.
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Custom Cushions
Company: Quality Foam Packaging
Product: Aircraft Seat Cushions

As a supplier of aircraft seat cushions, fire-block and related components, Quality Foam’s cushions are fabricated using a unique high-speed manufacturing process. It allows the company to produce bottoms, backs, headrests, armrests and leg rests that are comfortable, lightweight and economical. Its engineering department can design cushions from drawings or a model—and the sewing department fire-blocks the cushions and installs the dress covers. Quality Foam supplies cushions to international and domestic airlines, aircraft seat manufacturers and OEMs worldwide.
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Galley Inserts Collection
Company: B/E Aerospace
Product: The Essence Insert Collection

The Essence collection of galley inserts from B/E Aerospace is designed to be lightweight and include a simple user interface. The collection features a suite of products including an espresso maker, water heater, beverage cup, beverage maker, refrigerator/freezer/rapid beverage chiller, steam and convection ovens, and bun warmer.
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Lighten the Load
Company: Aim Aviation
Product: Narrowbody Galleys

Featuring customized galley designs, Aim Aviation offers lightweight, narrowbody galleys that are designed to help lower fuel costs. The galleys have a flexible design and can accommodate specific features for airline and leasing customers. The galleys offer a range of chilling, beverage and catering options. Aim Aviation supplies galleys for Airbus and Boeing narrowbodies.
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Company: Altitude Aerospace Interiors
Product: Full Height Bar Unit

The Full Height Bar Unit from Altitude Aerospace Interiors contains refrigerated stowage for three full and two half carts. Including colored LED lighting and task lighting, the unit also can be transformed inflight to become a passenger entertainment area with a self-service bar and LCD monitor.
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Let There Be Light
Company: B/E Aerospace
Product: Cabin Lighting

B/E Aerospace offers a range of cabin lighting solutions from simple white-only LED lighting to advanced color-shifting technology. The Cabin Lighting collection includes wash lighting, reading lights, galley lighting, lavatory lighting and crew lighting. Wash lighting solutions are available for AC and DC power sources.
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Glare-Free Illumination
Company: Beadlight
Product: Cirrus Reading Light

British manufacturer Beadlight specializes in LED lighting for the aerospace industry. Its Cirrus reading light is designed for premium commercial jet aircraft, first-class and business-class cabins. Providing glare-free illumination with little light spillage, this aluminum head houses Beadlight’s patented diffusion system. Options of different-tone LEDs are available, and Beadlight can provide a wide color spectrum on request.
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Wool or Nylon?
Company: Botany Weaving
Product: Aircraft Carpets

Manufactured in Donegal, Ireland, Botany Weaving’s aircraft carpets include 100% wool and nylon, wool/nylon blends such as 80/20 or 95/5. The company supplies one-, two- or three-frame carpets in loop or cut pile for any aviation project. The weight range of these carpets is from a lightweight 1,200
to 2,000 g/m2. Carpet backing options include adhesive, anti-fray and latex.
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Flooring Options
Company: Anker Carpets
Product: Aircraft Carpet

Anker Carpets offers a variety of airplane flooring including wool or nylon fiber, cut or loop surface pile and a wide array of different colors. All products are tested in accordance with aviation safety standards FAR 25.853 and ABD 0031. Anker is a certified vendor for Airbus and Boeing.
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Retrofit Lavatory Modules
Company: Yokohama Aerospace America
Product: Lavatory Modules

Exclusive provider of Boeing 757 lavatory modules and a key manufacturer of 737 modules, Yokohama’s lavatories and spare parts are fully FAA-certified for new-production and retrofit applications. The Boeing 757 retrofit lavatory features certified curved bi-fold door on mid and aft lavatories, extra amenity storage space, new LED lighting and a new mixer faucet with automatic shutoff.
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Lavatory Faucet
Company: Franke Aquarotter
Product: Water Faucet and Sensor Unit

The faucet and sensor unit from Franke Aquarotter is a lavatory faucet system used for washing within a preset time, for use in aircraft lavatories. The faucet has a single temperature for cold or premixed water. The sensor unit uses an infrared light emitter and photocell receiver to control the water flow automatically. The faucet has a fine-spraying nozzle and can be used on a Boeing 747-400.
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Satin Finish
Company: Adams Rite Aerospace
Product: Gooseneck Galley Faucet

The gooseneck galley faucet for cold portable water from Adams Rite Aerospace has satin-finish chrome plating with all parts brass or stainless steel except on the seals. The swivel spout allows use with small lavatory, galley bowl or divided sinks.
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At Your Service
Company: Air One Maintenance
Product: Interior Services

Air One Maintenance offers services to convert interiors to required configurations. The company provides engineering and Level of Protection Analysis approvals, as well as component procurement, manufacturing and installation. Located at Opa-Locka (Florida) Executive Airport, Air One is an FAA-certified repair station, capable of services for Boeing 727, 737 and 757s, and DC9/MD80s.
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Interior Solutions
Company: Airworthy Aerospace
Product: Galley MRO Services

Airworthy Aerospace galley services include thorough cleaning and sanitization; detailed teardown, damaged or broken part replacement; certification and modification services; full testing and return-to-service capability; radio-frequency identification tagging and tracking; and layout of passenger accommodation designs and layouts. Airworthy Aerospace services most galleys, carts, trolleys, coffeemakers and ovens from Zodiac, Sell and Driessen, B/E Aerospace, Heath Tecna, Composites Unlimited, AIM Aerospace, Dasell, Diethelm Keller, Bucher and Britax, and other manufacturers.
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Hot to Cold
Company: Airline Accessory Service Company
Product: Galley Repair

Airline Accessory Service offers complete galley service that includes repairs and overhauls for all types of air chillers, refrigerators, freezers, condensing units, conventional ovens, steam ovens, coffee makers, water boilers, point-of-use water heaters, espresso makers and hot cups. The company can provide dual-certification FAA/EASA release forms and supports both R12 and R134a refrigerants with the ability to upgrade to R134a. Manufacturers supported by Airline Accessory Service include B/E Aerospace, Grimes Aerospace, Midland Ross, Sell and Jamco.
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A version of this article appears in the October 6 MRO Edition issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

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