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Boeing Adds Used Parts

Boeing forges deal with GA Telesis to supply used aircraft and engine material--for Boeing and non-Boeing aircraft.

Boeing made a strategic move to increase the amount of used, serviceable material for its aicraft--as well as narrowbodies, widebodies and regional jets that it doesn't manufacturer--via a long-term agreement with GA Telesis.

Boeing will list the overhauled, repaired and new surplus material from GA Telesis on its PART Page Marketplace, a site Boeing says is home to 40,000 interactions daily.

As a second step, GA Telesis plans to start supply engine material to the PART Page Marketplace later this year. A little engine material is involved in the first part, but not much, according to a source.

Besides Boeing increasing its inventory of used and surplus material--this deal makes GA Telesis a preferred supplier. This seems like a big deal for both companies.

Photo Credit: Boeing

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