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Civil Aviation MRO Market To Grows By $10 Billion In 2017

Civil Aviation MRO Market To Grows By $10 Billion In 2017

Here are some of the report’s highlights for each world region.

Expect the civil aviation MRO market to produce $10 billion more business in 2017 than last year—for a total of $73.4 billion, according to Aviation Week’s 2017 Commercial Fleet and MRO Forecast.


• The in-service fleet will reach approximately 1,600 aircraft by year-end.

• The largest fleet of in-service engines is the Pratt & Whitney PW100.


• The in-service fleet will reach close to 5,200 aircraft by year-end.

• MRO expenditures are expected to produce work valued at $12.2 billion.


• Operators are expected to take delivery of about 400 new aircraft while retiring only nine.

• Overall MRO expenditures will total at least $6.5 billion.


• The in-service fleet will reach more than 1,600 aircraft by year-end.

• Overall MRO demand is expected to generate work valued at about $3 billion.


• The in-service fleet is expected to reach nearly 800 aircraft.

• MRO demand should translate to activity valued at $1.4 billion.


• Latin America will generate more than $3.8 billion in civil aviation MRO activity. This represents 5% of the global market.

• Operators will spend more than $1.0 billion on component MRO.


• Engine maintenance work will generate more than $2 billion, which will be about 36% of MRO demand in the region.

• The in-service fleet will grow to an estimated 1,900 aircraft by year-end, largely due to almost 200 scheduled deliveries.


• Component maintenance services will account for $5.5 billion of the total MRO demand.

• The North American airline fleet should total more than 9,650 aircraft by year-end —with at least 460 new deliveries.


• This region will be operating about 6,200 aircraft by year-end, including approximately 380 new units.

• Operators will spend $1.5-2 billion on modifications.

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