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EASA Recommends V2500 Oil Door Latch Upgrade

New aircraft have come with the fix to the door latches since early 2015; EASA encourages retrofits.

Operators of International Aero Engine (IAE) V2500 powerplants are encouraged to implement a service bulletin that makes it more difficult for unlatched oil service doors to go undetected, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) explains in a safety information bulletin (SIB).

Investigating several reports of inflight door losses, Airbus and the engine nacelle supplier determined that the doors can be closed with latches still in the “intermediate” position. “Consequently, an incomplete closure of the door may occur, barely detectable in service, with some of the latches not properly engaged,” EASA explains in its SIB. “This may result in differential pressure during flight, causing a scooping/flutter effect and, eventually, loss or damage of the door.”

Airbus modified the aircraft-engine combination’s maintenance manual in 2010, adding a warning to check all latches when completing oil servicing.

The European aircraft manufacturer then developed a modification that includes a new latch “featuring an additional torsion spring and increased latch poundage, to ensure it does not remain in an intermediate position whenever incorrectly latched,” EASA notes. The new configuration has been delivered on all V2500-equipped A320-family aircraft since early 2015. The SIB covers modification for in-service aircraft.

EASA released the bulletin because the issue, while a concern, is not considered so unsafe that an airworthiness directive is required. 

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