Environmentally Friendly Products For MRO

Various products offer enhanced ways to deal with spills in the MRO environment.

1. Water-borne solvent 

Company: Mapaero

Product: The Mapaero primer is a water-and solvent-borne coating used for cabin and cockpit interiors.

The primer reduces heat release, flammability, smoke density and toxicity of gases and has adhesion on all substrates in the aircraft cabin, according to the company. The primer has been qualified by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


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2. Environment-conscious engine washes 

Company: EcoServices

Product: ST Aerospace’s U.S. affiliate EcoServices offers environmentally friendly engine wash services and products. With a global network of locations, EcoServices offers a patented wash technology that lowers exhaust gas temperature by up to 27C and improves thrust-specific fuel consumption by up to 1.7%, according to the company. This service entails a 60-90-min. wash per engine and cleans the compressor and fan in one process.


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3. Alternatives to sand- and shot-blasting 

Company: Solvent Kleene

Product: D-Zolve 1220 is a high-viscosity paint and coating remover. Designed to cling to vertical and irregular surfaces, it is safe for use with most ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as marine fiberglass, according to the company. As a quick-acting, slow-evaporation-rate chemical stripper, the solution can be applied via brush or airless spray methods. The product can penetrate multiple paint layers of difficult-to-strip aircraft paints and coatings. D-Zolve 1220 is a non-flammable, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic product. Solvent Kleene also offers environmentally friendly non-hazardous degreasing, cleaning, and chemical paint powder-coating strippers.


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4. Energy-efficient ventilator for aircraft hangars 

Company: Envira-North

Product: Ecopower is an energy-efficient ventilator technology from Envira-North, a Canadian company that supplies industrial and commercial ceiling fans. Utilizing an electronic commutating motor installed in the head of the ventilator, Ecopower is able to motorize boosts during periods of low wind speed or special ventilation needs. The Ecopower ventilator provides high levels of energy efficiency, as it has no motor or blades in the throat of the vent. Compared to axial fans, ecopower has a lighter weight and much lower operational noise levels, according to the company. A switch or digital envionmental measurements such as temperature, humidity and wind speed can activate the motor.


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5. Biodegradable Cleaner

Company: Cee-Bee Aviation

Product: Cee-Bee Cleaner A-882 is a water-dilutive general purpose cleaner for aircraft exterior surfaces that rinses easily without streaking. This low foam cleaner is safe on all aircraft metals as well as on high gloss and camouflage paint systems, according to the company. The product contains no hazardous solvents and the surfactants are biodegradable. Cee-Bee also offers engine overhaul products, interior and exterior cleaners, aluminum and titanium processing chemicals, lavatory care products and paint strippers.


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A version of this article appears in the December 1/8 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.


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