Fire In The Cabin

While installing a fireplace in a cabin clearly would be a bad idea, Lufthansa Technik develops a technology that uses illuminated water mist with an image of burning wood to create a fireplace for VIP aircraft.

Asking for a fireplace in an executive or VIP jet cabin might sound absurd, but now there is a way to do it.

Lufthansa Technik developed a technology that simulates a fire by using illuminated water mist and an image of burning wood to create a 3-D impression of burning logs.  The visual aspect is enhanced with adjustable heat and sound via a remote control.

LHT’s Fireless Fireplace weighs about 30 kg and consumes 1,300 W.

Even though there is no fire in the fireplace, the MRO considers fire safety in the rest of the cabin. The MRO, which plans to spend EUR 200 million on R&D over the next few years, which is quadruple the expenditure of the previous five years, recently opened a chemistry lab at its Hamburg base that will expand its cabin materials development and testing. This includes a fire safety lab, where Lufthansa Technik ensures all material bound for an aircraft cabin meet flame retardant characteristics.

The MRO recently rolled out a modular cabin completions service.

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