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MRO providers highlight expansion of capabilities and facilities


Carriers Evaluating Maintenance Changes

Aer Lingus and SunExpress are evaluating which tasks can be moved from C checks to line maintenance to decrease aircraft downtime. “We have dedicated systems engineers and line maintenance technicians who are looking at each Boeing task card” and evaluating items such as tooling, manpower and transfer costs, said SunExpress Technical Director Cemil Sayarat Aviation Week’s MRO Europe Conference in Amsterdam. By expanding some line maintenance packages, “we are using our line maintenance staff more efficiently” and evening out the peaks and valleys, Sayar said. The Turkish airline also is saving money by not grounding aircraft for routine maintenance, which allows them to fly and maximize revenue, he noted.

Fergus Wilson, Aer Lingus’s chief technical officer, said the Irish carrier is following a similar process by moving some maintenance tasks out of C checks to the line environment, but it also is evaluating out-of-phase and B checks to avoid having to advance other checks. “We are working within bounds of our maintenance planning documents,” he noted, adding that together with Airbus and the regulatory authorities, he hopes to gain approval for escalated intervals in the future.

Satair To Begin Thrust-Reverser Distribution

Airbus subsidiary Satair has added the distribution of spare thrust-reverser parts to its portfolio and confirmed an agreement with Pratt & Whitney to supply those spare components for the OEM’s PW4000 engine. Under the terms of the contract announced Oct. 19, Satair will distribute the spare parts across Pratt’s global customer network. It also will maintain customer orders and fulfillment for all of the engine program’s life cycle.

Both parties confirmed in a statement that Satair will begin distributing components on Dec. 17 for PW4000-family engines used on the Airbus A330. The PW4000 is among the powerplant options for a number of other mature aircraft types in the global fleet.

MRO Holdings Buys Flightstar

MRO Holdings has purchased Flightstar Aircraft Services from Moelis Capital Partners for an undisclosed sum. Moelis acquired Flightstar in December 2011. Flightstar provides heavy maintenance and cargo conversions and was founded at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2000. It occupies 470,000 ft.2 of hangars and 1 million ft.2 of ramp space.

AFI KLM E&M Partner Targets Capacity Expansion

CRMA, the engine parts repair affiliate of AFI KLM E&M, has unveiled plans to expand its production capacity by 2,500 m2 (27,000 ft.2) and invest in new engineering equipment in order to meet maintenance demand for existing and new-generation engine types. The project, operating under the name Apollo, will focus on expanding production space at CRMA’s facility near Paris and target improved efficiencies and the optimization of capabilities. The overall investment figure amounts to around €10 million ($10.9 million). AFI KLM E&M says it expects the new capacity to be available by the second quarter of 2018.

On the sidelines of Aviation Week’s MRO Europe Conference, Fabrice Defrance, senior vice president-commercial, said the CRMA expansion is part of AFI KLM E&M’s overall development in the component-repair segment. “In order to remain competitive in the engine market, whether it be services for CFM or GE engines, we prefer to repair parts rather [than] replace them with new ones because the cost for airlines will be lower,” he said. 


AFI KLM E&M was selected to provide CFM56-7B maintenance for Corendon Airlines-Turkey and Corendon Dutch Airlines.

CZECH AIRLINES TECHNICS won a six-year travel service contract to provide Boeing 737NG landing gear repair/lease/exchange.

AIRBUS was selected by JetBlue AIRWAYS to provide its new Scheduled Maintenance Optimizer solution. The initial module will focus on long-term planning to decrease maintenance costs through optimization of scheduled events at the fleet, aircraft and single-task levels.

SR TECHNICS was selected by Philippine Airlines to provide CFM56-5C4 repair and overhaul for Airbus A340-300s under the joint Beyond.Fleet.Services program with AERFIN that includes an end-of-life solution for provisioning of spares and components.

BOEING extended a deal with Japan Airlines to provide spare parts under the GoldCare Expendables (formerly IMM) program.

AAR signed a five-year, $125 million South Africa Airways Technical contract to provide power-by-the-hour component inventory management/repair services. It is teaming with JM AVIATION SOUTH AFRICA for nose-to-tail component and repair management.

LUFTHANSA TECHNIK expanded an existing technical support deal with Wizz Air to include A320ceo/A321ceo (about 90 aircraft) and A321neo (about 110 aircraft) component support, aircraft overhaul and Cyclean engine washes through 2022.

LUFTHANSA TECHNIK secured component support contracts from Iceland’s Wow Air for three Trent-powered Airbus A330s for three years and from Royal Brunei Airlines for its A320ceos and future fleet of A320neos for 10 years.

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