Inside MRO Will Keep Subscribers Up To Date

New format for MRO coverage offers opportunities for feedback and tracking industry trends.

Taking the water taxi for the second half of my journey to work in Chicago always invigorates me—more so than perambulating on the sidewalk that frames the riverwalk above. We float past the Poseidon barges adjacent to new construction, see first-time kayakers dodging boats as they learn to paddle, and observe restaurant servers setting up their outdoor tables for the day. It’s taking in the bustling microcosm 

surrounding us from a different perspective.

That’s part of what we hope this initial Inside MRO accomplishes—invigorates you, shows you a different perspective and, hopefully, even prompts an ah-ha moment or two!

If you were to start your business afresh, what would it look like? That’s the approach we took with this new magazine. Inside MRO unfolds with information you’ve requested: contract briefs and more safety and regulatory news from around the world.

You asked for more insights from airline M&E senior executives, so for this launch, Juha Ojala, Finnair’s head of engineering, talks about component- tracking using RFID, digitizing line maintenance and moving to a paperless maintenance system (page MRO 10).

You also asked for an engineering-focused piece, so check out our Engineered section (MRO 30) that examines the history and future of cockpit technology.

Delivering technology and business insights also was high on your requests. In this issue, look at the state of retiring fleets and teardowns (MRO 14), learn how airframe OEM production rates are affecting suppliers and the aftermarket (MRO 20), see why Russian MROs are now adding Sukhoi SSJ MRO capability (MRO 22), and understand why the CFM56 overhaul market is expanding this year (MRO 28).

This magazine is where you can share your views, too. See Pablo Wangermann’s Viewpoint about why MROs should really be utilizing the cloud (MRO 38), as well a column by ARSA’s Daniel Fisher and an opinion piece by London attorney Daniel James (MRO 9). Speak out and join the conversation—online, in print and in the e-newsletter!

In conjunction with Inside MRO, on May 23 we’re also launching MRO Network Daily, an e-newsletter that will contain a Talking Point editorial, must-read insights and news. Plus, each day we include an additional feature (Mondays, a poll and poll results; Tuesday, Inside MRO extras; Wednesday, Data Tools; Thursday, MRO Links and people news; and Friday—Friday’s Fast Five. To receive the free newsletter, sign up at:


With the U.K.’s upcoming June 23 referendum on European Union membership, Brazil’s impeachment of its president and the U.S.’s presidential primaries, political and consequential global economic forces affect our market. We can connect the dots.

We hope our MRO media portfolio, including this magazine and MRO Network Daily, delivers the information, insights and viewpoints you need—when you want them—just as I have the option to float down the river and observe—or power walk to my destination, depending on my schedule. 


Keep up with Shay at and on Twitter @AvWeekLeeAnn

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