Integrated Software Systems For The MRO Industry

In the age of big data, it is imperative for MRO companies to have integrated software systems to track and store information across departments. Doing so reduces costs, creates better operating routines and improves business intelligence.

A version of this article appears in the September 8 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

In the age of big data, it is imperative for MRO companies to have integrated software systems to track and store information across departments. Doing so reduces costs, creates better operating routines and improves business intelligence.


1. Maintenance and Inventory Control System

Company: AV-Base Systems

Product: WinAir Enterprise

WinAir Enterprise is a maintenance and inventory control system that suits complex, larger operations requiring a comprehensive set of features. The software includes a maintenance and inventory flow process and supports unlimited aircraft, workstations and bases. Along with providing added performance with a Microsoft SQL server, WinAir supports additional modules and allows for remote access to data via a high-speed Internet connection.

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2. Logging, Tracking and Surveillance

Company: CALM Systems

Product: Airline Suite

Airline Suite encompasses modules for computerized aircraft logging, aircraft reliability tracking and continuous aircraft surveillance, offering companies an integrated MRO solution. The Computerized Aircraft Reliability Tracking System allows users to enter flight schedules, flight sector logs, aircraft maintenance logs and component event logs for analysis and reporting of scheduled and non-scheduled operations, plus many other features. The aircraft log manager includes maintenance tracking comparison audits and reports with a fleet-wide forecast (including engines and auxiliary power units). Companies then can better plan maintenance, ensure fleet readiness, and save time and labor.

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3. Custom Accounting and Information Management

Company: Decision Software Systems

Product: AvPro Software

AvPro Software is an integrated application offering custom accounting and information management solutions for MRO fleet maintenance. Users can track aspects of maintenance and operations, and the software can be adapted to fit any MRO organization. Features include accounting modules, custom order entry and inventory, custom front-ends and web-based e-business systems.

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4. Aircraft Record-Keeping Software

Company: QAV Aviation Systems

Product: MX System

MX System is aircraft record-keeping software that includes maintenance component tracking, reliability analysis, maintenance planning and programming, flight log administration, maintenance control, aircraft status updates, flight scheduling, parts purchasing and inventory control. The software simplifies maintenance planning and administration by integrating modules geared toward improving speed and accuracy when inputting data.

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5. Integrated Suite

Company: Ramco Systems

Product: Ramco Aviation M&E/MRO Solutions

Ramco Aviation M&E/MRO Solutions is an integrated suite of aviation MRO software that ranges across commercial and defense MROs, and third-party maintenance service providers. This software is designed to help streamline process-intensive activities, optimize operational and maintenance economics, and hasten turnarounds. It can manage quotation development, maintenance planning and execution configurations, supply chain logistics, cost tracing and invoicing.

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6. Planning and Processes

Company: 2Moro

Product: Aero One

Aero One is designed to fully integrate and manage MRO planning, inventory, repair processes, monitoring and control. Offering real-time synchronization of information exchanged among multiple departments, Aero One includes tracking aircraft and equipment receiving, repair information, work orders, time-booking, sales, inspections and logistics. The software is designed to fit small and large MRO facilities and brings greater predictability through stronger monitoring.

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7. Managing Procurement and Inventory

Company: Aerosoft Systems

Product: AirData

AirData is a procurement and inventory management application that offers a single, integrated inventory and customer management system. It helps users create, print and view operations including purchase orders, invoices, repair orders, customer and vendor quotations, inventory control and material certifications. AirData includes accounting functionality and an extensive history system.

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8. Scalable Collaboration Platform

Company: Dassault Systemes and BoostAerospace

Product: AirDesign

AirDesign, distributed by BoostAerospace and Dassault Systemes, is a scalable collaboration platform available as a high-security, private-cloud or on-premises service. The platform consists of a neutral workspace for advanced OEM and partner PLM collaboration, design and manufacturing. The collaboration platform allows an OEM to organize exchanges in the context of programs and projects including delegating administration roles. The integrated, automatic technical data package exchange ensures management of large technical files among OEMs and suppliers.

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9. Lightweight Tablet

Company: Panasonic

Product: Toughpad FZ-M1

Panasonic has launched its Toughpad FZ‑M1—a rugged, thin and fanless 7-in. tablet PC powered by the Intel Celeron Processor. The tablet is built as a platform for cloud-based applications, delivery routing, email connectivity and other everyday tasks in the field.

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10. Tool Tracking

Company: Nexess

Product: NexCap RFID Tool Tracking Solutions

NexCap can track tool movements from the warehouse to inside the aircraft, offering four modules for the most common tool storage requirements.

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11. Tool Tracking

Company: Dynamic Systems

Product: CheckMate

Dynamic Systems, a bar-code software company, has launched the CheckMate tool-tracking software for the MRO industry that allows tools to be tracked individually or as a category. CheckMate reporting features allow managers to know who last used a tool and when it is due back, to reduce losses and improve inventory tracking.

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12. Supply Chain Management

Company: IHS

Product: IHS OptiX

IHS OptiX provides an integrated architecture for all phases of the MRO supply chain and asset life cycle. Analyzing strategies, practices and analytics for the workstreams associated with each asset life-cycle phase, IHS delivers an assessment and recommendations for planning, designing, installing, repair and overhaul. This software also is designed to help companies buy and stock parts and locate them in the right places to improve maintenance and production.

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13. Reporting System

Company: Airinmar

Product: AirStat

Airinmar, which provides aviation repair management support systems and services, has added the AirStat reporting system to its AirHub online suite of systems. AirStat provides the ability to analyze internal efficiency and supplier performance. By combining dynamic data and visualization, social collaboration and intuitive data analysis into dashboards, the tool allows one to see big data in easily readable charts, tables and graphics.

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14. Supply Chain Software

Company: Ultramain

Product: Ultramain Supply Chain

Ultramain’s supply chain software evaluates on-hand, on-order and scheduled production quantities based on quality of equipment and equipment usage. Supporting kitting, tool and repair management internally and externally, Ultramain manages materials provided by a variety of sources and manages the cost implication of customer-provided and consignment spares. Features include management of materials warehouses, procurement and warranties.

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