MRO Europe Wrap Up #MROE

European airline and MRO consolidation conversations abound while the aftermarket adjusts to new market dynamics.

The civil aviation aftermarket is at an interesting juncture as it grapples with supporting the existing fleet and preparing for a large influx of next-gen aircraft. At the same time, OEMs are penetrating the aftermarket on new platforms in a bigger way, which causes anxt for many MROs not aligned with the manufacturers. 

On top of that, here at MRO Europe in Madrid, several conversations focused on the headwinds that the European airline and aftermaket face: namely, that there are too many airlines and too many aftermarket providers here--and that the European market needs consolidation. 

Yet, the overall sense here in Madrid is optimism, as aftermarket companies forge new business relationships--often competing with a company on one program and partnering with them on another--develop technologies and improve operational efficienices.

Thank you to all who participated in our conference and exhibition. 

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