Products To Help Keep Aircraft And Workers Safe

1. Firefighting foam for MROs Company: Red Dog Services Product: Compressed-air foam system

1. Firefighting foam for MROs

Company: Red Dog Services

Product: Compressed-air foam system

Specifications: It is a scary to think of fires breaking out in the workplace, especially in the aviation industry because of the volume of flammable chemicals that MRO professionals use. Choosing the correct products to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently can be a life-or-death decision. The Suppressor 20 from Red Dog Services is a compressed-air foam system with a 20-gal. solution tank for extinguishing fires. About the size of a pickup-truck tool box, the suppressor delivers a stream of firefighting foam at a range of approximately 50 ft. The system is powered by an 80-cu.-ft., 2,200-psi. nitrogen cylinder and does not require an outside energy source. It can generate up to 400 gal. of finished foam, depending on the solution. Freeze-protected foam can be used for cold climates.

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2. Three stages to better air quality

Company: A.J. Dralle

Product: Aerospace filtration system

Specifications: Aircraft repair can result in large amounts of dust and debris that is a potential hazard for mechanics. Having proper air filters for a hangar is essential for keeping workers safe. The high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA)-XFP is a three-stage aerospace filtration system from A.J. Dralle that is designed for HEPA-required paint booth exhaust systems using chromate formulations. The first stage of the HEPA-XFP is a multi-layered polestar media where the air enters. It is made of a mixture of densified fiber and is inkjet-printed for identification and proper installation. The second stage consists of two layers of polyester media that are sealed together; and the third stage features a six-pocket bag filter constructed using three plies of electrostatic media. There is no HEPA framework needed as the HEPA-XFP fits into standard three-stage filtration frames.

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3. MRO Hand protection

Company: Aircraft Shop Supply

Product: Shoulder leather palm gloves

Specifications: Aircraft Shop Supply’s leather palm gloves are made of fabric, cowhide leather palms and rubberized safety cuffs. They are available in assorted fabric colors. These gloves can be used for myriad tasks including abrasive applications and assembly.

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4. Protect hands from splashes and spills

Company: Apollo Performance Gloves

Product: Chemical-resistant gloves

Specifications: MRO facilities use many chemicals that can harm workers. The Quick Response (QR) chemical gloves from Apollo are neoprene with flock lining and are 30 mils thick. The gloves have been tested with more than 100 common industrial chemicals. They are resistant to cleaning chemicals, mild acids, caustics and many organic solvents including aliphatic hydrocarbons and fuel. The gloves include a QR code for easy access to chemical-resistance information and a low-odor formula so they will not retain a strong chemical smell after use.

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5. Secure your hazmat shipping procedures

Company: BTA International

Product: Containers for hazardous materials

Specifications: BTA provides tested containers for shipping hazardous materials on airliners and is focused on the aviation industry. These containers come with free test reports, where applicable, with every order. Containers range from those for oxygen cylinders to complex slides/rafts. BTA also offers customized solutions, with capabilities in the design, quoting and delivery of proper packaging, based on the component.

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6. Spring-cleaning the MRO facility

Company: Chappell Supply and Equipment

Product: Wet/dry vacuum

Specifications: Keeping the workplace clean decreases the numbers of trips and falls. The wet/dry vacuum cleaners from Chappell Supply and Equipment contain two-stage blowers and a self-cooling motor. The vacuum’s exhaust air-ducting reduces the possibility of motor contamination by dirt or moisture. By eliminating airborne particles through exhaust, the vacuum helps keep workplaces safe. Most of the vacuums have a decibel rating of 63.4 dba to provide a quiet operation.

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7. Safer wires to eliminate injury

Company: Daniel’s Manufacturing Corp.

Product: Safe-T-Cable

Specifications: Daniel’s Manufacturing designed the Safe-T-Cable to replace lockwire systems and improve the security of fasteners. The Safe-T-Cable is constructed of high tensile-strength stranded cable  and cable ends that are electrically fused to allow easy threading. The cable is pre-cut to various lengths and is lighter in weight than safety wire. This new cable eliminates injuries from sharp wire ends and reduces the risk of carpal-tunnel injuries.

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8. Storing and shipping oxygen cylinders

Company: HRD Aero Systems

Product: Aer02case

Specifications: The Aer02case is an Air Transport Association (ATA) container for oxygen cylinders and oxygen generators from HRD Aero Systems. The containers are ATA/U.S. Transportation Department-approved and comply with the department’s regulation for transporting oxygen cylinders on aircraft, with the required thermal and fire protective packaging. HRD ships to distribution centers in the U.S., Singapore and Europe.

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9. Hybrid hangar of fabric and steel

Company: Legacy Building Solutions

Product: Fabric aircraft hangars

Specifications: Legacy’s fabric aircraft hangar features a translucent fabric roof with a steel frame. The structure is created using the same rigid frame technology as in steel hangars but with natural light due to the fire-resistant fabric. These hangars accommodate heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The buildings can be constructed in about half the time as traditional steel structures and be moved, expanded or reduced as needed. They meet the safety standards for construction and fire protection set by the National Fire Protection Association. 

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10. Decrease facility and aircraft damage

Company: Mantec Services

Product: Safety bumpers

Specifications: Mantec specializes in designing and manufacturing safety bumpers for the aerospace industry from a self-skinning polyurethane foam. This foam locks out moisture and features ultra-violet and abrasion resistance, high tear strength, and resistance to solvents and chemicals such as Skydrol. The bumpers are designed to protect rigid parts, such as folly corners and lifts, from damaging aircraft and buildings. The material is designed to be nonconductive, environmentally safe—without chlorofluorocarbons or volatile organic compounds—and to meet fire-retardant specifications.

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