P&W Goal: 20% Turnaround Time Reduction

Pratt & Whitney Asia aftermarket seeing 20% reduction of turnaround time.

When Matthew Bromberg became president of Pratt & Whitney's aftermarket, he looked at the organization and saw that having 24 P&Ls across 13 repair facilities (subscription required) complicated the businesses. He created a simple mission--to focus the entities under one profit and loss center to better coordinate the businesses and deliver more value.

Nearly one year into the effort, there is evidence it's working.

Bill Kircher, president of UTC Aerospace Singapore and VP Singapore overhaul & repair, said he's seeing a 20% reduction in turnaround times here.

Two key factors driving this--better workscope management and a "back to basics" look at operations--from kitting to visual layouts to point-of-use tooling.

The transformation to this core focus on speed and costs is delivering more consistent performance and is moving Pratt's aftermarket business from a transactional one to service-focused. The changes are evident walking around a repair facility here in Singapore.

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