Reconfiguring Cabins To Optimize Revenue

Timco Aerosystems works with airlines to maximize space, efficiency and passenger comfort

Airlines face two competing challenges in the cabin. On the one hand, they must win passenger loyalty with comfort, design and service. On the other, they must maximize the economics of the cabin, which often includes adding more seats and reducing weight. To address this, Timco Aerosystems in April launched Cabin Optimization, a formalization of its cabin reconfiguration services. Through design and relocation of selected monuments such as lavatories and galleys, Timco engineers can reconfigure existing cabin layouts to add new rows of seats that could generate additional revenue from each flight.

“Timco has had the capability of designing and offering cabin reconfigurations to our customers for many years. The decision to give this product better definition has evolved with growing market demand,” says Marketing Vice President Leonard Kazmerski. “Airlines are looking for ways to add more seats to existing aircraft cabins to drive revenue. At the same time, they are working hard to make the passenger experience pleasant and memorable to drive repeat sales.”

Under the program, Timco has redesigned cabin lavatories and galleys on several aircraft types to make more space for passenger seating and amenities. The results allowed one airline to add a new row of economy seats and another to add an additional row of premium seating. 

A version of this article appears in the October 6 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.
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