Safety Products For MRO Hangars

Products that keep workers and the aircraft operating safely.

1. Custom Tooling Cases

Company: Gemstar

Product: Custom Hard Cases

Specifications: Gemstar manufacturers custom hard cases in a variety of plastics. The cases have multiple options for customizing the interior and exterior. Some options include custom foam, label plates, humidity indicators and custom colors. The custom foam can mitigate the dangers of foreign object damage by allowing the immediate recognition if a tool is missing. Electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference materials and shielding are also available.

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2. Multi-Task Work Gloves

Company: Apollo Performance Gloves

Product: Tool Grabber Gloves

Specifications: Apollo Performance Gloves offers multitask performance work gloves. The Tool Grabber line allows workers to use touchscreens, yet they protect hands with a hybrid polymer coating. Gloves feature a nylon lycra liner and are available in high-visibility colors. The product comes in small, medium, large and X-large sizes.

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3. Automated Tooling System

Company: CribMaster

Product: Inventory Management System

Specifications: Used by EasyJet, the CribMaster Inventory Management System is an automated way to track tools in the hangar. Workers are digitally identified by walking through the system and are automatically assigned the tool through a tagging system. At any time, employees can see how many tools are out on the floor and which worker is using them. At the end of a shift, the system creates a report to show the tooling status of the hangar.

Link #088 

4. Flame Retardants and
Corrosion-Protection Tape

Company: Berry Plastics

Product: Protective Tape

Specifications: Patco 9425FR SealDry from Berry Plastics is a flame-retardant moisture barrier and corrosion-protective tape. The tape meets Boeing and Bombardier specifications, as well as FAR 25.853(a) flammabilityrequirements. Designed to be lightweight and tough, 9425FR features a durable polyurethane backing and hydrophobic acrylic adhesive. At 6.0 mils thick, it weighs just 5 oz. per square yard and is designed to provide significant weight and fuel savings versus conventional moisture barrier tapes. The product is used for aircraft water seal applications in main cabin wet areas such as galleys, lavatories and entryways to prevent and protect against corrosion.

Link #1012

5. Easy Tool Identification for Testing

Company: Adaptive Interconnect Electronics

Product: Master Aero Kit

Specifications: The Master Aero Kit from Adaptive Interconnect Electronics contains avionic-specific test-and-measurement equipment for the MRO field. Its custom foam makes tools easily id

entifiable and reduces the risk of foreign object debris in the hangar. The 68 pieces include aero-specific test leads and BNC coaxial cable adapters. The kit is shock resistant, airtight and waterproof. Compartments are pre-labeled for easy tool identification.

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6. Fighting Fires with Foam

Company: Red Dog Services

Product: Automated Compressed Air Foam Systems

Specifications: Red Dog Services offers a variety of automated compressed air foam systems. The systems monitor locations for fire and when flames are detected, the system automatically dispenses fire-suppression foam. Pictured here is the Watchdog 240 stand-alone, skid-mounted compressed air foam system with a 240-gal. solution tank. It will discharge approximately 2,400 gal. of well-structured foam for 5 min. to a distance of 120 ft.

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7. Safety Ladders for Hangars

Company: LockNClimb

Product: Ladder

Specifications: LockNClimb’s safety ladders are designed to serve the needs of MRO workers on the tarmac and in hangars. Features include top-rail safety caps, a rubber top bumper to protect a ladder from dropping accidentally, black rubber padding on rails and treads to protect aircraft finishes, extra wide treads and safety rails. The ladders are built in the U.S. and meet OSHA and ANSI standards.

Link #585

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