Streamlining MRO Operations Through Integrated Services

MRO companies deal with complex operations over a variety of platforms and departments.

MRO companies deal with complex operations over a variety of platforms and departments. Using products and services that integrate processes can simplify business operations, save time and better integrate activities as a whole. Here are some software and aftermarket services that are designed to consolidate data and functions to streamline day-to-day procedures.

1. Customized solutions

Manufacturer: Air France Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Applications: SolutionsProgram
Specifications: Air France Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance offers a program called “SolutionsProgram” that allows customers to select aftermarket support features based on their specific network and fleet requirements. Tailored to a customer’s operational needs, the program covers components, engines, fleet management, pre-operation phase-in and phase-out, maintenance and on-site support. The program includes IT links between support needs, worldwide availability of daily requirements, financing, leasing, a technical support team and a guarantee of quality through its European Aviation Safety Agency/FAA and local regulatory approvals.

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2. Single-component maintenance service

Manufacturer: Lufthansa Technik

Applications: Repair and overhaul (SCM)

Specifications: Lufthansa Technik offers a component maintenance service that is designed to offer quick quotations and order processing—with pricing and turnaround times geared to ensure solid purchase management. Services include component test, repair, overhaul or modification with almost 100% in-house coverage. Lufthansa Technik offers services in Asia, Germany and the U.S.

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3. Aircraft maintenance

Manufacturer: Delta TechOps

Applications: Airframe MRO services

Specifications: Delta TechOps offers a broad range of airframe maintenance services covering letter checks, wing installation, landing gear, thrust reversers, aircraft painting, fuel tanks and interior modifications. These services range from routine airframe maintenance to complex repairs and complete airframe conversions. Delta TechOps has FAA/EASA dual-release capabilities and two sites with FAR Part 145 and Part 121 repair authority.

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4. Materials outsourcing services

Manufacturer: Wesco

Applications: Integrated supply solutions

Specifications: Wesco’s integrated supply program helps customers plan and execute continuous cost-reduction strategies and manage MRO expenses for materials. The program develops integrated supply programs for MRO companies in North America, Europe and Asia that aim to lower costs associated with ordering, sourcing, inventory management, asset management, supply chain technology and vendor development. With this program, Wesco can become a single source for all industrial and maintenance supply products. The program also offers customized MRO sourcing solutions to meet a company’s needs using advanced electronic procurement, inventory replenishment, on-site materials management and logistics services. 

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5. Services for MRO life cycles

Manufacturer: Production Services Management Inc. 

Applications: Integrated supply management for MRO

Specifications: PSMI’s integrated supply management for MRO items offers a wide variety of services in the MRO life cycle. The company provides market insights for sourcing as well as an enterprise resource planning system that optimizes purchasing processes to obtain the lowest prices for the supply base that automatically manages price breaks, freight minimums, seasonality of demand, blanket purchase orders, lead times and demand. It also includes inventory, warehouse/crib and supplier management, and accounts payable.

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6. Search, order and track parts and repairs

Manufacturer: SDI
Applications: Innovative MRO software and technology

Specifications: SDI’s MRO software helps companies search, order and track parts and repairs. The search technology allows accurate cycle count, issuing, picking and delivery, and includes a vendor portal for suppliers to enter invoices and acknowledge purchase orders. A main feature of this software is its integration capability with existing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. By imbedding middleware, SDiConnect provides a cloud-based, licensed connection to SAP with no customization needed. This software is designed specifically for the MRO industry and includes inventory management, warranty tracking and repair, mobile bar-code scanners and a smartphone app for catalog searching and material requests.

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7. Maintenance services and solutions  

Manufacturer: ONEX

Applications: Integrated logistics support

Specifications: ONEX, a high-tech enterprise solutions provider, offers a range of tailored services and solutions for aircraft maintenance, logistics support and parts assembly. Services can be tailored to individual parts or a comprehensive package of 360-deg., program implementation. Services include turnkey logistics, MRO support services, life-cycle reduction solutions, performance-based logistics, labor resource recruiting, and aircraft parts manufacturing and assembly. 

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8. Software suite for holistic maintenance

Manufacturer: Mxi Technologies

Applications: Maintenix software suite

Specifications: Maintenix Software Suite offers total integration for a holistic maintenance environment designed to fully integrate a company’s IT system to facilitate communication of critical information across departments and software. The software enterprise includes finance, human resources, timesheets, supply chains, flight operations, diagnostics, procurement, third-party maintenance, shipping and electronic logbook. The system acts as a standard set of interfaces aimed at reducing the cost of implementing, supporting and maintaining the overall MRO business system.

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