Testing For GE9X HPC To Begin

GE Aviation will start testing on the GE9X engine’s high pressure compressor (HPC) module this summer; the engine has been chosen to power the 777X aircraft. In 2013, GE plans to spend $200m on maturation testing of technologies for the new engine; the HPC rotor stator module test will take place at the GE Oil & Gas testing facility in Massa, Italy. New equipment at the site will “enable the test cell to accommodate the 27-to-1 pressure ratio of the HPC, which will be the highest pressure ratio of any commercial engine in aviation service," said Bill Millhaem, GM of the GE90 programme, GE. The HPC will be a 90 per cent scale of the full-size HPC; a GE LM2500 engine will generate more than 29,000 horsepower to drive the HPC during the test, which will be completed this year. An additional HPC module test is scheduled for 2014 to test further enhancements to the HPC design based on this year's test results.

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