KLM Engineering & Maintenance completed proof of concept with MROair. IFS

Using Data To Get ‘More Time On Metal’ In MRO

The software that extracts data from maintenance management systems can boost the time mechanics actually spend working on aircraft by 30%.

A Dutch firm, MROair, has developed software that extracts data from the main maintenance management system and other sources to help line mechanics save time and money in aircraft maintenance. Head of Innovation Menno Ouweneel says his new app can digitize the maintenance process and generate up to 30% improvement in the time that line and hangar mechanics are actually working on aircraft, rather than retrieving data or other information.

“We are collecting, filtering and interpreting data and immediately giving insight about the progress, but above all the waste, in the maintenance process,” Ouweneel explains. “We will create a dashboard that gives real-time visualization of the waste such as waiting, inventory, transportation, defects and motion.”

MROair must develop interfaces with major maintenance systems like AMOS, Trax, Maintenix, Rusada and SAP. It is starting with AMOS and expects to roll out the new app in early 2017.

In addition to maintenance data, the solution will tap other data, such as aircraft schedules, delays and cancellations. “No one is collecting all this real data,” says MROair President Patrick Morcus. “We will do it in real time and then enable data mining afterward.”

The real-time data will show progress in maintenance tasks performed, delays and job interruptions, and will aggregate all work orders. The same data can be analyzed afterward to identify potential improvements.

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