Pentagon Boosts Exchange, Government And Mobile Capabilities

In 2017, Pentagon 2000 MRO software will add an interface for Aeroxchange AeroComponent, enhance support for government programs with compliance tools for Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements and add more mobile apps. 

Executive vice-president Kirk Baugher explained that Pentagon 2000 offers both ERP and maintenance management software, fully-integrated in a single package. This allows maintenance companies or divisions in complex environments to run operations, accounting and financials, all in the same system and database.

The company has recently delivered full-function Aeroxchange interfaces, for both buyers and sellers, supporting AeroBuy, AeroRepair and workflow. The solution already has 24 separate mobile apps and an HTML5 status board showing key performance indicators on a large, wall-mounted monitor.

Baugher said Pentagon 2000 excels in maintenance planning and operations with an efficient workflow that is tightly integrated with materials, tools, tech pubs, employee skills, costs, accounting and financials. He believes it suits independent MROs, small airlines and MRO divisions of large carriers. 

Baugher says his software is distinguished by its rapid deployment and support for flight operations and by its record-keeping modules. “Many MRO systems are packaged as tool kits that require large additional investments in process mapping, programming and implementation services. Pentagon 2000SQL is packaged for quick and efficient deployment with default settings for industry best practices.”

He said Pentagon’s ratio of service to software-implementation costs is the lowest in the industry, yet functionality is excellent.

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