Solvay bagging film Heatcon/Solvay

Heatcon Expands Composite Repair Product Line

The company has signed an agreement with Solvay to distribute more than 600 of its process material products.

Heatcon Composite Systems, a manufacturer and supplier of aerospace composite repair equipment and products, is expanding its composite material product line. The company has signed a global distribution partnership agreement with Solvay to distribute consumable products used during the repair process of aircraft composite parts.

“Our goal is to expand our product offerings to better serve our industry. We believe our partnership with Solvay is crucial for the future success of Heatcon,” says Eric Casterline, president of Heatcon Composite Systems.

The distribution partnership covers more than 600 of Solvay’s process material products, including vacuum bagging and release films, breather and release fabrics, peel piles, and flash and sealant tapes. The partnership between the two companies is not the first—Heatcon has previously distributed other Solvay products, including procured sealant and flash tape, release films and breather cloth. Heatcon currently plans to focus on the core product line, but the company says Solvay has provided access to additional items that Heatcon can market in the future.

Heatcon will be exhibiting at MRO Asia-Pacific in Singapore, November 6-8, 2018. New products from this agreement that will be on display are bagging film, release films and sealant tape.

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