ST Aero COO Focus On Productivity Improvements

Friday’s Fast 5: Jeffrey Lam, ST Aerospace’s COO and 2016 MRO Asia-Pacific’s chairman responds.

1.        Asia-Pacific continues to be one of the fastest growth regions for aviation.  What needs to be ensured to maintain this pace?

A blistering pace of growth in Asia-Pacific requires an equally fast pace of development of the right aviation and MRO infrastructure, regulatory oversight and policies, and manpower capability development. Its also a region of great diversity of culture and systems with multiple aviation regimes. MROs need to be agile and adaptable when operating in this region.

2.        What are your top priorities for ST Aerospace as its Chief Operating Officer?

My three top priorities are productivity, productivity and productivity.  I think its the single biggest challenge for any long-running business. We see ourselves as an adaptable customer-oriented business, but there is lots of room for productivity improvement, so that we can return greater value to our customers.

3.        Economies, fuel prices, labor rates – all are fluctuating all over the world, how do you think this will affect Singapore’s aviation industry? 

We live in a world where many business factors can fluctuate all the time. The most competitive companies learn to manage and adapt to these constantly-changing factors. The Singapore aviation and aerospace MRO industries are fully-plugged in to the world. So we are already positioned to "move with the times". Singapore faces a particularly unique challenge for labor because of its size. Other than labor rates, we often struggle with the availability of labor itself.

4.        Which session(s) are you most excited to hear about at the MRO Asia Conference, and why?

The best part about the conference is that it offers multiple views on multiple topics. I look forward to attending sessions across topics such as big data, interiors, technology, supply chain, and of course the evergreen 10-year market forecast.

5.        As an avid runner, what’s one quirky habit while running?

Unfortunately, we have all been smitten with the connectivity bug. I like to stay "connected" while I run. But these days, that means carrying a large-screen mobile phone device - which isn't easy to bundle to your body as you run. I guess I should just accept being "disconnected" for a while.

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