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MRO Providers Seeking Ways To Reduce, Prevent AOG Time

MRO providers are going digital and offering customized programs to reduce AOG time or prevent these incidents from happening in the first place.


1. Streamlining Logistics Supply Chains
Company: Sterling
Specifications: Sterling is a global AOG logistics provider, specializing in shipping everything from AOG parts to dangerous goods, while accommodating any size or weight. In operation since 1981, Sterling offers 24/7 personalized services with a range of logistics options and custom support. Sterling’s digital technology solutions, including its QuickOnline web-based shipping management system, allow customers to streamline their aviation logistics supply chains. Features include customizing shipping orders to specific needs, automatically preparing export documentation and tracking shipments in real time every step of the way. This year, Sterling is focusing on its reverse logistics service in response to customers operating in a leaner environment and looking for cost efficiencies.

2. Preparing for AOG in Advance
Company: AJW Group
Specifications: AJW Group focuses on designing tailored supply chain solutions to mitigate AOG situations, with a strong focus on establishing customer relationships and personalized service. One way it accomplishes this is by examining customer usage data to identify parts prone to causing AOG-related issues and proactively acquiring inventory to anticipate them. With AJW’s stock availability and award-winning logistical service, the company offers a door-to-door solution rather than just inventory availability. To better serve customers, AJW now has AOG specialists embedded with each of its product teams to build a greater level of expertise and specific product focus. AJW is also training its staff on how to deal with AOG situations specific to new-generation aircraft to keep up with modernized fleets.


3. Digital Support Platform
Company: AOGsmart
Specifications: AOGsmart provides a digital platform to efficiently resolve AOG situations at a lower cost by connecting airlines, operators, MROs, distributors, repair shops and brokers worldwide. The platform enables airlines and suppliers to locate available parts and resources using an algorithm that factors in solution speed and geographical distance, facilitating collaboration across locations and time zones to find the optimal solution. In addition to reducing annual AOG cost by up to 50% and downtime by 25-30%, AOGsmart has recently introduced new features, such as a logistics marketplace to provide parts transport.

4. 24/7 Go Team
Company: Certified Aviation Services (CAS)
Specifications: Certified Aviation Services is an MRO provider whose component repair services include a team of mobile mechanics available 24/7 to manage AOG needs worldwide. The CAS Go Team works closely with OEMs, adjusters and airlines on everything from basic modifications to heavy structural repairs, with a typical mobile response time of 12 hr. domestically and 24 hr. internationally. The team has a portable hangar so services can be provided anywhere, such as for a recent assignment in the Philippines, during which a portable hangar was flown to the location via air freight. CAS recently obtained its AS 9110B certification and is working toward obtaining additional MRO certifications in China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

5. Customized AOG Solutions
Company: Broadwing Aviation
Specifications: Supporting the commercial airline industry for over 16 years, Broadwing Aviation is a certified aftermarket supplier of airframe and engine parts and services. Broadwing’s 24/7 AOG services are used by partners like American Airlines, United Airlines and UPS and feature a customized program that uses customer data to identify commodities with consistently long lead times, which can cause an AOG in the first place. Broadwing works with clients to identify and stock these items, offering stable year-to-year pricing and immediate delivery. Recently, Broadwing shared its proprietary supply chain solution with military, government and prime contractors to support out-of-production aircraft such as the T6, T44, F15, F16, P3, E3, E6 and KC10.

6. Capitalizing on a Vast Network
Company: Lufthansa Technik
Specifications: Lufthansa Technik’s extensive worldwide AOG network with 13 international warehouses, more than 140,000 pool parts and more than 600 customers provides a base of engineering knowledge, logistics and in-house capabilities. Specializing in services like engine MRO, long-term fleet optimization and short-term problem-solving, Lufthansa Technik’s worldwide presence helps with short response times and active avoidance of AOG situations. As an investment in digitization, the company is developing MRO products such as Aviatar, which is a platform incorporating a variety of apps geared toward monitoring fleets and analyzing data for predictive maintenance. Lufthansa Technik is also further expanding its reach through collaborations with key suppliers on new aircraft platforms, one benefit of which will be faster provision of spare parts for these aircraft in AOG situations.

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