Always ready for take off, Adria Tehnika at its 5th anniversary concluded the check-up and maintenance of the 1000th aircraft

AA Tehnika CEO Discusses Its Recent Sale

Following the recent acquisiton of Adria Airways Tehnika by Polish firm Linetech, the Slovenian MRO's CEO Maksimiljan Pele talks to MRO Network about the deal and what it will mean for the company.

Following the recent acquisiton of Adria Airways Tehnika by Polish firm Linetech, the Slovenian MRO's CEO Maksimiljan Pele talks to MRO Network about the deal and what it will mean for the company.

What benefits will the acquisition bring to Adria Airways Tehnika?

The acquisition of the Adria Airways Tehnika (AA Tehnika) will lead to reduction of some costs due to economy of scale and to substantially bigger hanger space, common know-how and joint appearance on the market. This change brings the opportunity of participating in the bigger international competitions and I am also looking forward to growth opportunities for AA Tehnika.

Was the sale organised over a long period of time or did Linetech complete the deal quickly?

The sale process began in December 2013 and has taken almost two years to complete. Linetech was included in the process for the first time in the summer, approximately six months ago.

Where are some of the key areas pinpointed for investment?

The new owner is promising the development and growth of the company and especially investment into human resources. A sufficient amount of qualified aviation technical staff will be the key factor for a successful expansion of capacities. The same goes for the equipment, space capacities and ERP systems.

What can you tell us about some of the expanding of capabilities for aircraft, as outlined by Piotr Kaczor, president of Linetech?

The most important thing is the fact that Linetech has been responsible for maintenance of Boeing and Embraer aircraft and the Adria Airways Tehnika has been responsible for the maintenance of Airbus and Bombardier aircraft. We are also planning to add new types of aircraft to our portfolio, some of which are wide-body aircraft.

Will there be further investment in the workforce?

Recently (on December 1) six young, knowledge-seeking future aviation technicians joined our team (203 employees). We are planning future employments and trainings, especially of aviation technical staff. This means the EASA Part-66 Basic Training and Aircraft Type Trainings. We are definitely looking forward to intensive trainings.

How has Adria Airways Tehnika worked to become more competitive in the region?

Linetech and AA Tehnika will definitely achieve some goals due to economy of scale. Linetech and AA Tehnika together cover the range of most popular aircraft types in Europe and beyond. An important factor is also joint space capacities; furthermore, we are expecting synergies based on the exchange of experience and good practice between both companies. So far both companies have already aimed for constant changes and a continuous improvement process. We will do our best to assure top-notch safety, quality and flexible deadlines for our costumers in the future.

What are some of the biggest challenges the company has faced in recent times?

Although we are not expecting any radical changes, one of the bigger challenges will be the mind-set of the people due to transition from state to private ownership. In the AA Tehnika we are well aware of our advantages as well as areas that need some improvement; therefore, the process optimisation is already taking place.

Where do you see future opportunities for Adria Airways Tehnika?

In the future we are looking forward to increasing our market share in the area of A320 Family aircraft, to maintaining the number one position in the segment of Bombardier CRJ100/200/700/900/1000 aircraft and to adding new aircraft types as well. Furthermore, the Adria Airways Tehnika is one of the few maintenance organisations offering the service of increasing the lifespan of A320 aircraft. We are known as a trustworthy partner that offers "value for money". This will be our goal also in the future.

Have there been any growth targets outlined in the future?

In the near future we are setting new guidelines with our new owners. This means the strategy and goals. We will be glad to notify you about these developments.

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