A4A CEO Fights Against Aviation Taxes

Nicholas Calio, president and CEO of Airlines for America (A4A) has addressed the US congress, urging them to ease taxes on the country’s aviation industry. He argued that the US aviation industry drives five per cent of the country’s GDP and creates 10 million jobs. Yet, it already incurs a charge of $19bn a year in taxes and, under the latest US budget deal, has been threatened with more. Calio calls for a cohesive National Airline Policy to standardise aviation tax and bring it in line with other industries. “Unfortunately, all too often airlines confront indifferent, disjointed or hostile government policies. We operate in a public-policy setting that veers from the listless to the antagonistic,” Calio said. “Our government must play its appropriate role in ensuring US commercial aviation can survive in what is now a dynamic global aviation sector that is rapidly changing – the risk of inaction is far too great.”

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