AAPA Announces 2013 As Safest Year To Date

Last year was the safest year for commercial aircraft flights, according to the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA). According to the association's ‘Aviation Safety Performance 2013’ review, new technologies and certification standards contributed to the lowest ever number of fatalities.


AAPA says Asia Pacific carriers experienced three major accidents involving large commercial aircraft, resulting in 24 fatalities. Worldwide in 2013, there were seven major accidents involving large western-built commercial aircraft, which resulted in 115 fatalities, a loss rate of one major accident for every four million flights. AAPA attributes the low number to regulatory and industry efforts to continuously improve safety performance with the introduction of enhanced technology, new designs and strict certification standards to aircraft in recent years. It says efforts have reduced the number of accidents and increased passenger survivability, enhanced by further improvements to cabin safety.


Andrew Herdman, director general of AAPA, says: "Flying is the safest form of travel, and now part of everyday modern life."

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