AAPA Urges Government To Reform Aviation Policies

The Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) has challenged regional governments on a number of key aviation issues following the 57th Assembly of Presidents hosted by Dragonair in Hong Kong. The assembly discussed “government interference” in environmental policy, taxes, cargo, security, infrastructure, and the facilitation and rights of passengers. AAPA called for a market based solution to environmental concerns ready for adoption in 2016 and implementation in 2020. AAPA rejected plans for extra-territorial auditing of cargo security and called for the recognition of cargo security regimes on a multilateral or bilateral basis. It also called for harmonised air cargo advance screening methods, similarly on a multilateral or bilateral basis. It urged governments to ensure that ATM capacity keeps pace with commercial air traffic growth by working with military authorities and implementing modern ATM projects. Commenting on the European Union’s Emission’s Trading Scheme, which Asia “met with a mixture of incredulity and disbelief”, Andrew Herdman, AAPA’s director general, said: “By treating aviation as a cash cow, some governments appear to ignore the financial damage being inflicted on both airlines and their own economies."

TAGS: Asia Pacific
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