Aeroflot To Use UTC’s ‘Duracarb’ Brakes On New 737-800NGs

Aeroflot has selected UTC Aerospace Systems to provide the wheels and carbon brakes for its new fleet of 50 737-800NG aircraft. The carbon brakes will use ‘Duracarb’ carbon heat sink material, which UTC says will provide “exceptional” performance and a 35 per cent brake life advantage over competing products. The wheels and brakes will also generate weight savings of around 318kg per aircraft compared with high-capacity steel brakes. Cory May, VP of commercial programmes, Wheels and Brakes, UTC, described the contract as “a nice addition to the previously announced 777ER selection”. The equipment will be provided through UTC’s Wheels and Brakes business in Troy, Ohio. The first aircraft is scheduled for delivery in September 2013.

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