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Air Arabia Plans Fleet Expansion, MRO Software Implementation

The low-cost carrier intends to almost double its fleet and is adding new MRO software to cover its in-house maintenance operations.

To keep up with its planned fleet expansion and in-house maintenance activities, Air Arabia plans to implement Swiss-AS's AMOS MRO software.

Air Arabia operates 54 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft from four hubs in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Egypt, but it envisages a significant fleet increase with the intention to operate 100-plus aircraft by 2025.

Because the low-cost carrier is performing light and heavy maintenance in-house, it opted for the AMOS Airline-MRO Edition, which provides all the functions needed to cover the spectrum of the carrier’s maintenance operations.

Besides AMOSdesktop, the budget carrier will implement AMOSmobile to equip its maintenance staff in the hangar and on the apron with a fully integrated software tool. AMOS financial multi-entity capabilities should help to consolidate activities across the group in one system.

AMOS will run on the open-source database PostgreSQL, and the airline has opted for the AMOS Operation Service, a popular service offered by Swiss-AS that is designed to ensure the optimal AMOS application server and database management.

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