Air France-KLM Takes Off With New Inflight Connectivity

Customers on selected Air France-KLM flights are now able to send text messages, check emails and browse the internet, thanks to Panasonic Avionics’ ‘eXPhone’ service and AeroMobile connectivity. The new inflight mobile connectivity launched on two flights yesterday (May 29); the service will initially be available on two 777-300 aircraft. AeroMobile provides the mobile network for airline passengers to roam inflight, allowing those passengers whose mobile operators have a roaming agreement with the GSM service provider to use SMS and data services from the aircraft. So far agreements have been made with over 220 mobile phone operators across 100 countries, including Orange and Bouygues in France and Telfort, KPN and Vodafone in the Netherlands, and UK-based roaming partners include O2, Three and Vodafone; passengers will be billed by mobile phone operator.

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