Air Partner Sells Ad Space On 737

Charter service provider Air Partner has sold the white space on one of its fleet of 737s as advertising space to airport parking provider ParkinGo.

The aircraft, which is based in Milan, will fly throughout Europe and the Mediterranean carrying the ParkinGo branding for the next 18 months. According to Air Partner the deal is something that hasn’t been tried in Italy for 20 years.

The ParkinGO branding has been applied using stickers that were produced by a specialist company in Slovakia and it took 24 hours to apply.

Kiran Parmar, group marketing director of Air Partner, said: “We are always looking for new services and revenue opportunities; branding the exterior of the aircraft allows us to build on the extensive options we can already provide for the interior of an aircraft. It is a real opportunity for clients to differentiate and heighten their brand visibility.”

A ParkinGO spokesperson said: “The originality of the concept appealed to us – it’s not something that has been done before. Part of the advertisement is a competition to see who can take the best photo of ‘our’ aircraft, and we are excited to see the results.”

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