Air Serbia To Receive 10 Of Etihad's A320neos

Air Serbia has announced that 10 A320neo aircraft, ordered by Etihad at the Dubai Air Show, are intended for its fleet. The deal is part of Etihad's order for up to 199 aircraft. The 10 neos will be delivered to Air Serbia, which Etihad has invested in, between 2018 and 2020. The A320neo will replace the eight A319s and two A320s that are currently being leased to Air Serbia. The first Air Serbia flight took place on 26 October following a deal for Etihad to acquire 49 per cent of Air Serbia and manage the airline under a five-year management contract. The airline previously operated as Jat Airways. Sinisa Mali, adviser for economy and finance, cabinet of the deputy prime minister of the Government of Serbia, the majority shareholder of Air Serbia, said: "This is good for Air Serbia and the people of Serbia, because both have benefited from economies of scale resulting from Etihad Airways' very significant order with Airbus. The last delivery of a new jet to Jat Airways, the former national carrier of Serbia, was in 1988," he said. "Furthermore, through our partnership with Etihad Airways, a previous deposit payment made by Jat Airways, has been credited against the pre-delivery payment for these aircraft.”

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