Airberlin Cancels Boeing Order

Germany's second-largest carrier has cancelled its order for 33 Boeing aircraft citing the harmonisation of its narrowbody fleet as reason for the change of heart. Airberlin’s chief financial officer, Ulf Hüttmeyer, confirmed on Friday (September 26) that the airline had rescinded its order of 18 737 and 15 787 aircraft. Hüttmeyer said: “Not taking on the 33 aircraft ordered will significantly reduce future capital expenditure and improve our balance sheet. To operate more flexibly in the future and further reduce costs, standardisation of our fleet is a key element of our restructuring.” Airberlin aims to move to a uniform 737NG narrowbody fleet by the end of 2016 and has confirmed that while it intends to buy or lease more aircraft, this will be on a “smaller scale than originally planned”.

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