Airline Services Interiors To Upgrade BA 747 IFE Systems

Airline Services Interiors has agreed a contract with British Airways (BA) to install a new in-flight entertainment (IFE) system on its fleet of 18 747s.

Airline Services Interiors will oversee the design, certification and manufacture of the modification kits for the IFE system as part of the contract.

It will work with electronics OEM Panasonic and aircraft integrator ZodiacNAT to install Panasonic’s eX3 IFE system on all seating classes on the 747 aircraft.

Certification of the three seat types has been completed and Airline Services Interiors confirmed first article inspection of the seat modification design phase is close to completion.

BA is also refitting its 747 fleet’s cabin interior to match its 787s and A380s, with Airline Services Interiors developing new fitted seat covers at BA’s Interiors Engineering site in Blackwood, Wales.

The first refurbishment is expected to be completed by summer 2015.

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