Airlines For America Calls For New DOT Ad Rules

Airlines for America (A4A) has called on the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) to impose new airline advertising rules. The organisation for US airlines has said there needs to be more transparency in airfares so that passengers can see how much of their money is spent of federal taxes. "The government today is able to hide the outsized, ever-increasing amount that airline customers pay in government-imposed levies. In fact, the government’s ability to conceal such extra costs actually increases the temptation of lawmakers to raise taxes on airlines and their passengers and further puts air travel at a competitive disadvantage to other modes of transportation that do not have to include taxes in their fares, which ultimately hurts our economy and jobs," the A4A said in a statement. According to the body, taxes account for nearly a quarter of US ticket prices, up from less than a tenth 40 years ago. 

Current charges equate to $62 on a typical $300 roundtrip domestic flight, and that is set to rise to $63 in July when the Transportation Security Administration’s passenger tax increases to $5.60 on a one-way trip. The Obama administration has also proposed additional charges. “The government is playing a game of hide and seek by burying government taxes in the cost of a ticket – it’s adding insult to injury for airline customers already paying more than their fair share to Uncle Sam,” said A4A's president and CEO, Nicholas Calio. “Today’s travellers want to know what they are paying for, and we urge the Administration and Congress to follow the lead of the airlines and give consumers the information they need and the transparency they deserve.” 

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