Meet the Buyers 2019 Lee Ann Shay/Aviation Week

Airlines Are Looking For…

A few airlines participating in the Meet the Buyers session at ap&m on June 5 share what they are seeing.

FRANKFURT-- At the Meet the Buyers session on June 5 at ap&m, a few airlines shared what they were hoping to accomplish.

Sun Express wants to find more MROs and distributors in general, because “the market is getting hard…and we want to find options,” says Utban Baran Afikoglu, a technical procurement specialist for the airline.

In addition, the Turkish-based carrier is seeking CFM engine parts—including used serviceable material, says M. Kaan Ucildiz, who is also a technical procurement specialist.

Wideroe, based in Norway, operates a mature Bombardier Dash 8 fleet and is looking for companies to provide structural parts for its fleet. “We want to get to know the community” and “see who can support us,” says Tom Ragnar Kolsrud, manager of logistics.

“United Airlines has a sizeable amount of potential surplus inventory, mostly from our older fleets, that we want to sell," says William Ramsey, manager of Tech Ops master data, so the U.S. airline is meeting with companies to see how it can right size this.

SmartWings in the Czech Republic and Transavia in the Netherlands both are meeting companies to see what’s new in their portfolios and see what they can find.

More than 90 buyers are participating in this year’s Meet the Buyers session.

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