Allegiant To Take SAS’ MD Aircraft

Allegiant Air and its subsidiaries are to take 12 McDonnell Douglas (MD) aircraft from Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS). SAS, which is modernising its fleet, has now finalised the delivery times for the MD82/83/87 aircraft (serial numbers 49383, 49605, 49606, 49607, 49609, 49611, 49642, 53010, 53011, 53165, 53337 and 53340). It is also selling 12 spare JT8D-217C/219 engines to Allegiant. SAS’ remaining 13 MD80s and eight spare JT8D-217C/219 engines are under a firm sale contract with final deliveries in 1Q 2015. SkyWorks Leasing arranged both deals.

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