Anti-Aircraft Weapon Rules Needed

IATA’s chief executive Tony Tyler has called for international legislation to manage the creation and sale of anti-aircraft weapons in line with rules for other types of weaponry.

Speaking at IATA’s annual security conference, AVSEC, in Washington yesterday (October 27) Tyler said: “There is no international law or convention that imposes on states a duty to manage the design, manufacture and deployment of anti-aircraft weapons… MH17 has demonstrated that powerful and sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons are in the hands of non-state entities.”

Tyler also reiterated the need for governments to provide clear data to enable airlines to make informed decisions on route safety.

“Such information can only come from governments,” he said.

“There can be no excuses. Even sensitive information can be sanitised in a way that ensures airlines get essential and actionable information without compromising methods or sources.” 

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