Appetite for 757 replacement

Representatives from airlines, lessors, MROs and suppliers from across the commercial aviation sector agree that Boeing should be developing an all-new 757-type aircraft. When polled this morning (September 23), 54 per cent of delegates at ISTAT Europe said that Boeing should develop a 757 replacement next and 33 per cent said Airbus should too. Airline representatives speaking on a panel at the conference said they wanted a more efficient narrowbody that enabled shorter turnaround times. "If we shave 10 minutes off our turnaround times, we gain another sector," said Nico Buchholz, executive vice-president fleet management at Lufthansa’s Germanwings. "There is room for innovation - passengers could get off in rows, for example," suggested Bruno Delile, senior vice-president new aircraft at Air France-KLM. Meanwhile, Wizz Air CFO Michael Powell called for a new entrant into the narrowbody market to challenge the "cosy duopoly" of Airbus and Boeing.a

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