Atlantic Airways Achieves Service Milestone

Faroese flag carrier Atlantic Airways is celebrating 25 years of serving its Atlantic Ocean island community. The airline’s first flight was on March 28, 1988, flying from its base on the island of Vágar to Copenhagen using a British Aerospace 146 jet. Reflecting on the carrier’s milestone, chief executive Magni Arge said: “For any airline to notch up a quarter century of service is no mean feat. However, for an airline based in a remote archipelago of just 50,000 people, one airport, and some of the most challenging terrain and weather conditions faced by any airline, to reach 25 is really something very special. I am delighted that, by recording a consistent and steady profit, we have built a solid financial base so our airline can continue from a position of strength to deliver connections to the world for the Faroese people safely, reliably and efficiently.”

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