Bahrain Air ends operations

Bahrain Air has ended its operations and gone into liquidation, citing debt and political unrest as the causes. In 2011 the carrier was forced to suspend flights to a number of routes, and at the same time faced lower traffic. “The airline is now being required to make immediate payments on past government debts or face closure at the same time as having its scheduled operations, both destinations and frequencies, being reduced considerably by the Civil Aviation Affairs in the Ministry of Transportation. This effectively strangles the airline,” it said in a statement today. The airline also claimed there had been a lack of support from Bahrain’s minister of transport, Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, who also serves on the board of rival carrier Gulf Air. “We have created a proud legacy, with one of the best records for on time performance and value for money in the region,” the airline said, yet claimed the minister “has shown no inclination to provide a meaningful solution. His decisions to restrict route approvals have cost the airline BD4.5m ($11.9m) in lost revenues over the last three months.”

TAGS: Middle East
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