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Boeing Expands Flydubai Software Support

Offering will now extend to low-cost carrier's growing 737 MAX fleet.

Low-cost carrier flydubai will add Boeing’s Software Distribution Tools offering to the services it receives from the OEM for its maintenance and engineering operations.

The agreement will now extend the data analytics-driven solution to flydubai’s 737 MAX aircraft fleet, building on the airline’s current implementation of Boeing’s Airplane Health Management offering across its 737 and 737 MAX fleet.

Tools included in the new agreement include the Loadable Software Airplane Parts Librarian and software management solutions that Boeing says provide cost savings by enhancing the efficiency of flydubai maintenance operations.

“Boeing’s Airplane Health Management and other software tools allow flydubai to proactively initiate planning for necessary repairs, strengthening the efficiency of our 737 fleet operations,” said Mick Hills, senior vice president, engineering and maintenance at flydubai. “By reducing the maintenance and ground time for our fleet, these solutions ultimately help to benefit on-time arrivals and departures for our customers.”

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